New Internet Restrictions in China

1 04 2009

This popped up on my feed reader in the last couple of days and I thought the class might find it interesting. The Chinese State Administration of Radio, Film, and TV is going to start cracking down the content of Internet videos. Some of the more interesting restrictions, which include the mandate that if your video includes these, it must be edited or deleted:

-Distortions of Chinese culture, Chinese history, and historical facts; distortions of the history of other countries, and disrespect to human civilization and the culture and customes of other countries;
-Promotion of a negative or decadent outlook, world view, or value system, or deliberate exaggeration of the ignorance and backwardness of ethnic groups or social ills;
-Clips that SARFT has cut from films and TV shows or has prohibited from being broadcast;

The rest of the list is pretty fascinating and tells a lot about the culture. They are basically disallowing… everything. The listing of new rules for Chinese internet, from